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Don’t get burned! If open flame is banned at your venue, try safe, new CateringStone


In the catering, hotel, trade show, and restaurant businesses, burns are a serious issue. In addition to injuries sustained by employees and customers, lawsuits are a valid concern. Plus, incorrect disposal of still-hot canned heat tins can quickly lead to fires, often with tragic consequences.

In a recent article for the National Restaurant Association, Patrick Cuccaro, who conducts Catering Boot Camp at Affairs to Remember Caterers explained, “Beware of open flames on the buffet. How many tablecloths, centerpieces, ball gowns with loose sleeves, etc. must we flambé before we ban this practice? Lesson learned: No open flames on buffets. Safety first.”

Of course, Cuccaro isn’t the only one to note the problem. The issue is so pervasive, in fact, that many venues now ban outright the use of chaffers with canned heat. This keeps employees and customers safer, but drastically limits menu options!

There is a canned heat alternative… CateringStone!

NEW CateringStone is a revolutionary product that keeps food at 176 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire length of your food service. This 100% food-safe thermal consistency product is a breakthrough for both food service and food transport applications.

Why choose new CateringStone for hot buffet or passed service?

Maintaining the temperature of hot foods is crucial to their visual appeal, taste, and most importantly, safety. CateringStone keeps food hot without continuing to cook. Never again forget to fill a water pan and scorch an entrée or have guests complain about the “extra seasoning” that canned heat can sometimes provide. Never worry about burns or fire.

To find out how you can Expand Your Menu Options in Any Location and Beat the Competition Safely, call 888-5-HOTSTON (888-546-8786).


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