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Flame-less, ice-less, AND gorgeous? CateringStone launches stunning natural slate server line!

CateringStone has recently added a natural slate line to complement the company’s popular sophisticated wood serving bases. The pieces are handcrafted in the USA, using only the highest quality reclaimed materials. All pieces are 100% food-safe and can be used as either hot or cold servers.

“As a dedicated green company, we are always searching for unique ways to preserve the environment. And, these slate tops are just the latest example of that thinking,” explains CateringStone CEO Donald McNeill.

These formerly utilitarian, reclaimed building materials have a second lease on life as elegant serving pieces. And, they grace the tables of some of the world’s most prestigious country clubs, hotels, and restaurants. The pieces are deep cleaned, trimmed to our specifications, and then coated with a protective layer of food-safe oil to bring out the dramatic, natural beauty of the stone, as well as to protect it.

Similar to the company’s stainless steel line, these new slate servers are also simple to use with either hot or cold CateringStones. These new pieces help the world’s most forward-thinking chefs create incredible food presentations that remain hot or cold on the buffet line for hours.

To use: Boil the Hot CateringStones. Freeze the Cold Stones. Then, just drop them into place in the serving units making sure the Stones make contact with the slate surface above for a dramatic presentation. These slate tops, when paired with hot or cold CateringStones will keep food hot or cold for hours without the need for any ice, electricity, or open flame.

For more information, please visit or call 302-351-3360 in Delaware, 888-5-HOTSTONE nationwide.


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