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Oct. 16-22 is National Food Bank Week. CateringStone ensures safe food handling and worry-free donations

Occasional Occasions by Carlton, 4This week is National Food Bank Week. The week, which encourages sharing the bounty of the season, was signed by Presidential Proclamation in 1987 by Ronald Reagan.

Today, food banks are an all too common feature of life in the America. In 2015, 5.0 percent of U.S. households (6.3 million households) had very low food security.

So, the harvest season truly is the perfect time to share with others. It’s easy, too. For caterers, hotels, food trucks and restaurants, donating to food banks is a simple way to ensure that delicious, nutritious, much-needed food is not wasted. And, that local citizens will not go hungry.

Luckily, there are safe, efficient, and legal ways for those in food service, event professionals, and hotel management to provide leftover food to charitable organizations in need. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Start with a plan for overages. For example, the average caterer works with 5% to 10% overage. There is generally leftover food that would go far to help feed the hungry.
  2. You’re protected. Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Laws protect food donors as long as safe food handling is used. Safe food handling is critical. And, using 100% food-safe technology, CateringStone guarantees the constant, dependable temperatures of below 40 ° F and above 140 ° F. For caterers, hotels, food trucks and restaurants across the nation, using CateringStone means that food that is left over can now safely be donated to charitable organizations in need.
  3. Choose your partner. Locate the local organization to receive the donation and arrange the specifics as well as how the food will be delivered and/or picked up. To make that process even easier, create a free account on  Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert is changing the way that wasted food is handled, forever. This free service offers a collaborative, online platform that is designed to remove obstacles to food donation, enabling food businesses of all kinds to donate easily. Spoiler Alert connects retailers, producers, and supplies to nearby non-profits for donation.

That’s it! Make a plan. Make sure food is handled properly using CateringStone. Make a difference!

CateringStone is a breakthrough thermal consistency product for the catering supply, restaurant supply, and food transport industries. Using 100% food-safe technology, CateringStone delivers constant, dependable temperatures of below 40 ° F and above 140 ° F. It replaces the need for ice, electricity, and open flame in a multitude of food-related applications.

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