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CateringStone’s food-safe technology saves you time and money

CateringStone is the smart caterer’s way to save time and money. Have you ever run out of ice or canned heat at an event? Or, realized at the last minute that your extension cords were just a bit too short? These common problems are solved using CateringStone.

Unlike canned heat or ice, which must be purchased again and again, each CateringStone lasts for an incredible 1,000 uses and is completely portable, for use indoors or out. No more emergency trips for supplies. No more frustration with cords, outlets, and power supplies.

Plus, each CateringStone saves you money every time they are used. For direct cost savings comparisons between CateringStone, ice, and canned heat, visit our Cost Comparison section.

CateringStones may even get you a break on taxes and insurance when you apply your costs of purchase under certain government programs; or get a reduction on your insurance costs when you make your venue flameless.