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2017 News (Click any story to read more)

April 2017, Total Food Service magazine, CateringStone, A Caterer's Best Friend

March 2017, Total Food Service, Best New Products Announced At IRFSNY 2017

March 2017, Total Food Service, CateringStone wins Best of Show, Over 18,000 Industry Professionals Attend The 24th Annual IRFSNY

March 2017, The Slanted, Foodies unite at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in NYC

2016 News (Click any story to read more)

May 2016, Pizza Magazine Quarterly, The Best of NAPICS 2016

May 2016, Hosting a tailgate party? How to serve hot and cold foods easily and with style!

April 2016, AARP's Life Reimagined interviews CateringStone founder Dr. David Pensak

March 2016, Emily Ellyn, Food Network Star, finalist choses ‪‎CateringStone as one of her “favorite things” for 2016

March 2016, Susan Said...WHAT?! "Create a stunning buffet with no ice, electrical cords or dangerous open flame with CateringStone"

2015 News (Click any story to read more)

December 14, 2015, CateringStone recognized as one of the “Top 50 Most Innovative Start-ups” worldwide

December 10, 2015, CateringStone named Title Sponsor of the Year Award by National Association of Catering and Events (NACE)