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Why choose CateringStone?

Flameless and Iceless

Our simple, elegant stainless line and our beautiful wood and soapstone line work as either hot or cold servers. Simply add the CateringStone you need to keep your most incredible presentations hot or cold for hours. CateringStone eliminates the dangers of burns, and the slip and falls from messy, melted ice or trailing electric cords.

Green and Cost-effective

New food-safe technology from CateringStone keeps your food below 40°F and above 140°F safely, with the ability to be reused 1,000 times. CateringStone saves you thousands of dollars in the process! The food-safe materials inside our stones are sustainable and biodegradable.

Technology and Savings

Using new food-safe technology, CateringStones have the ability to keep food hot or cold for hours without the use of ice, electricity, or open flame. They’re easy to use and save you time, making your business more profitable.

Easy and Elegant

If you know how to boil or freeze water, you know how to use CateringStones. Simply freeze Cold Stones overnight* or boil our Hot Stones in water until the contents are fully melted (about 35-40 minutes). With our simple, elegant stainless line, or our beautiful American Black Walnut and soapstone line, you can create presentations that will amaze your guests.

*-9°F Ultra Cold Stones require a freezer that is set below -12°F.

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